Vanity Fair - Zoe Saldana [ Harlem Renaissance ]Uptown Girl Shoot-Aug2009*The sheer strength & elegance of 1920’s fashion is something that I pray always comes full circle* #VintageLove

Updated Note [2Oct 2011 10:35PM EST]: is pleased to notice that a mere Tumblr post I put together earlier of images from a 3 year old Harlem Renaissance shoot of Vanity Fair already garnered 902 notes & rapidly mounting in a mere few hours. It has been interesting to read the expressed interest of individuals of various backgrounds beyond the point of vintage fashion depicted, to actually want to learn more about the historical context of the era by sharing recommendations [books, photos, music, poetry] as well as a number of them noting that they would love to view a television series on the era since there were so many notable figures of the Renaissance & 20’s as a whole. In the words of the elders, "All it takes is a seed to plant a tree"

Bonsoir mes amis! - Lisa Marie “Phoenix”